The Hire & Sponsor Program is an approach by VSUMI to support the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). We will give a donation of 20% as TRAINING/EDUCATION FUND whenever the business signs up and paid through your link.

We understand how difficult for the NPOs to raise fund; hence, we want to assist by providing them a sustainable access for their fundraising success.

As we seek to empower NPOs & NGOs to advance through sponsorship by businesses. These endeavours will enable businesses to establish a lasting relationship with the communities.

With VSUMI’s effort, NPOs & NGOs can have a better focus on their framework for social development without investing much on its own limited resources.




E3Hubs is a business incubation and entrepreneurship development company. Our vision is to create at least 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in our ecosystem by the year 2030 and have every entrepreneur supporting other entrepreneurs. With this, E3Hubs effectively creates a business ecosystem that allows our entrepreneur members to build and grow their businesses.

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